About Us

The Apple Watch Series 1 debuted in the Spring of 2015.  It is an exciting addition to the Apple family of products designed to provide us with the latest technology in a wearable form.  We at VGEO thought we could combine fashion with function by making a bezel that could turn YOUR Apple Watch into a piece of fine jewelry.  

Barry Kronen, well known for his distinctive fine jewelry designs sold world wide, together with our engineering and design team, created the VGEO Bezel™ (U.S. Patent D770,931), a bezel that can be easily affixed to and removed from your Apple Watch Series 1, so you can wear it as is or dress it up.  

We selected precious and semi-precious stones that can be added to each bezel allowing you to select the combination of gem stones, bezel cases, and watch bands that you prefer.  Use the Build Your Bezel feature on our site to choose from over 9,000 possible combinations of stones, cases and bands to see what your new VGEO Bezel™ will look like on your Apple Watch Series 1.