Four Trendy Apple Watch Bezels You Should Try On

Posted by Hparker on December 28, 2015 in Build A Bezel

You may be shopping to find the perfect gift for your loved one. You may not know exactly what to gift them and it can get really tough to choose the ideal gift, especially if you want something fashionable, unique, and guaranteed to be enjoyed and admired.

What about something for his or her Apple Watch! Perhaps a custom bezel that with make the Apple Watch even more brilliant adorned with your choice of ten gemstones set in one of four bezels: stainless steel, black steel, 18 carat yellow gold, or 18 carat rose gold?

Check out all the possible combinations (there are well over 8,000) of bezels, gemstones, and Apple Watch bands that can be made with a VGEO Bezel. You can select the bezel, the gemstone, and the Apple Watch band and case you already own (or intend to purchase) and see what your preferred combination looks like by clicking on Bulid A Bezel.

Read on to learn more.

Stainless Steel Bezels:

Picture1Today, there are creative companies like VGEO, LLC, that design customized bezels for the Apple Watch. Most companies solder stones into the existing Apple Watch, but VGEO has designed a patent pending, snap-on-snap-off gemstone bezel specially designed to fit a 38 mm or 42 mm watch. An Apple Watch bezel made with precious gemstones like pink sapphires set in a stainless steel bezel, rubies set in a stainless steel bezel, or black diamonds set in a stainless steel bezel blends fashion with technology. Different bezel designs are available for different prices. The type of gemstone and size of the bezel as well as the bezel material have a part to play in the final price of the product. For instance, a black diamond bezel set in stainless steel may cost more than a bezel with a less precious stone.

Yellow Gold Bezels:


Nothing defines elegance better than white diamonds set in an 18 carat yellow gold bezel for your Apple Watch. Or you can select yellow sapphires set in an 18 carat yellow gold bezel, black sapphires set in an 18 carat yellow gold bezel, blue sapphires set in an 18 carat yellow gold bezel, etc. Similar to the stainless steel bezels, the quality and value of the gemstones determine the price of the bezel.

Rose Gold Bezels:


Dress up your loved one’s Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day or any other celebration with a magnificent and a glamorous look with gemstones set in an 18 carat rose gold bezel. There are ten combinations of VGEO rose gold bezels and gemstones that can be created. Choose the one that matches your style and use it on your Apple Watch.

Bezels with Diamond Gemstones:


For those who are trendy, VGEO has specially created a beautiful white diamond bezel which looks terrific set in yellow or rose gold. VGEO did not spare on the quality of the stones. The white diamonds are G-H color and VS clarity to give a high quality and a defined look.

Surprise your loved one’s with this amazing upgrade and make their Apple Watch even more dearer to them. This is an excellent choice of gift in case you cannot think of anything else to gift them.