VGEO Launches Gemstone Bezels for Apple Watch

Posted by Hparker on November 1, 2015 in

November 1, 2015
VGEO announced today the launch of a new product line of fine jewelry for the Apple Watch. Harvey Parker, VGEO CEO, and designer Barry Kronen, created the concept of a line of gemstone bezels that will certainly add to the elegance of the Apple Watch. What was missing, thought Parker, “was a way for Apple Watch owners to personalize their watch by adding a more fashionable look to the many functions the Apple Watch provides.” Relying on Barry Kronen’s renown expertise in jewelry manufacturing and design that led to his successful brand of Barry Kronen Designs, the VGEO team developed the concept of a “snap on bezel” that would fit snugly on the Apple Watch to create a fashionable look without detracting from it’s functionality.

“We wanted a bezel that could be added and removed from the Apple Watch easily. We did a search for similar products” said Kronen, “but we could only find bezels that were soldered onto the Apple Watch and which had to be professionally removed. We quickly realized that consumers had few options to choose from — one gemstone (usually diamonds) set in a bezel that looked bulky and unattractive.”

It took the VGEO team six months to develop the concept of the VGEO Bezel™ and they filed a patent with the US Patent Office. Parker noted, “What makes it so unique is it is streamlined, snaps on and off in seconds, is compatible with all Apple Watch bands, and offers the Apple Watch owner an assortment of 10 gemstones set in any of four different settings: stainless steel, black steel, 18 carat rose gold and 18 carat yellow gold.” Apple Watch lovers will enjoy choosing from 80 possible combinations of settings and gemstones for their new VGEO Bezel™. And when you combine this with all the possible Apple Watch bands you have over 8,000 choices. You can view all these combinations at the Build A Bezel page on

VGEO has launched a social media campaign to drive traffic to so viewers can see images of their high quality precious and semi-precious gemstone bezels containing amethyst, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline, diamond, ruby, and emerald gemstones unmatched in quality and workmanship.

VGEO is confident that their bezel will be considered a treasured piece of fine jewelry for Apple Watch owners. And, VGEO will stand behind the quality of their product as each bezel has a two year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.