VGEO Looks for Trendsetters for Their Apple Watch Bezels

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November 15, 2015
The Apple Watch, released in the Spring of 2015, started a revolution as watches move from classic to smart. The Apple Watch went on sale on Friday, April 10. 2015. In Paris, high end boutique, Colette, held a special event to show off the Apple Watch. Vogue published an in-depth profile piece with Apple’s senior vice president of Design, Jony Ive, illuminating the fact that Apple was more than just a tech company, it was a fashion trendsetter.

The trend did indeed catch on. In April 2015, Pharrell Williams posted an Instagram video of his Apple Watch. A few days later, Katy Perry snapped an Instagram photo of her Apple Watch that has garnered over 640,000 likes. Shortly thereafter, Beyoncé posted a photo of herself wearing a custom gold-on-gold version.

As with other new Apple products, enthusiasm built for the watch. Within a couple of months Apple sold 4 million watches. Early buyers of the Apple Watch were extremely pleased with their purchase, happy to receive text messages, phone calls, and emails even more conveniently than through their iPhones alone.

However, the designers at VGEO believed something more could be added to the Apple Watch that would bring more fashion to its highly functional design. After six months of planning, in November 2015 VGEO announced its removable gemstone bezel for the Apple Watch. It was designed by a team of jewelers and stylists to enhance the beauty of the Apple Watch and add “fashion to function”. The bezel is available in ten different gemstones (i.e., topaz, amethyst, sapphires, diamonds, etc) set in stainless steel, black steel, 18 carat rose gold and 18 carat yellow gold. With over 80 different combinations of stones and settings, the VGEO Bezel offers a new look to the Apple Watch. “Our diamond bezel Apple Watch set in 18 carat rose gold exquisitely dresses up the watch and has received a lot of attention” remarked Harvey Parker, CEO of VGEO.

VGEO invites all trendsetters who bought the Apple Watch to consider its gemstone bezels. “It’s not for everyone” says, Parker. Early adopters, by definition, are trendsetters, and he hopes the VGEO Bezel will start a new trend in high tech wearables that will combine fashion and function. Jewelry designer, Barry Kronen, noted that trendsetters tend to be knowledgeable, confident, discerning, engaged and ready to move when a new product comes onto the market, and he is certain that some of these consumers who were forward thinking in their purchase of an Apple Watch will set a trend by accessorizing their watch with a VGEO Bezel.

Market analysis indicates that consumers think the VGEO Bezels are beautiful and innovative. With its streamlined appearance, detachable patent-pending design, and assortment of semi-precious and precious gemstones, trendsetters will be the first to consider a VGEO Bezel to accessorize their Apple Watch. They will attract attention from others.

“What’s that?”, they’ll be asked.

And next, they’ll hear, “I want one!”

VGEO hopes you send them to to take a look.